Institutional Products


Helichem’s institutional programme consists of a complete line for the overall maintenance of buildings. Our concentrated detergents are characterised by their cleaning power and fresh scents, and our floor protection products by their good flow properties and excellent wear resistance. Our institutional products are utilised by cleaning companies, health care institutions, government agencies, schools, fitness centres, etc.


Interior Care

  • Glass and plastic cleaner
  • Daily interior cleaner
  • Periodical interior cleaner and degreaser


Sanitary Hygiene

  • Odour neutraliser
  • Limescale remover
  • Sanitary cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner


Floor Maintenance

  • Cement remover
  • Wipe wax
  • Pore filler
  • Renovator
  • Spray cleaner
  • Stripper
  • Natural soft soap
  • Daily floor cleaner
  • Industrial floor cleaner
  • Self-shining wax, polymer-based, matte finish
  • Self-shining wax, polymer-based, silk finish


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